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Welcome Student Learners

If you or someone you know would like help, please call 253.272.2471

Tacoma Area Literacy Council TALC provides free and confidential tutoring in:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Basic math
  • GED preparation
  • Learning English as a Second Language
  • Citizenship test preparation

So you can:

  • Get a better job
  • Help your kids in school
  • Get your GED
  • Continue your schooling
  • Reach your personal goal

You will work one-to-one with a tutor and:

  • Set your own goals
  • Go at your own speed
  • Meet in a public place at a convenient time

Tacoma Area Literacy Council Personal requirements:

  • You must be a Pierce County resident
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Commit to meeting twice a week with your tutor
  • Commit to meeting continuously for at least 6 months
  • Purchase your books. The cost is low and scholarships are available.
  • Do the Homework

Study tips:

  • Practice reading every day
  • Decide on a time and place to study
  • Keep a folder of your work
  • Be patient, learning takes time
  • ESL students should speak English every day

Naheda, a Kurdish refugee who knew no English when she came to the U. S. wrote, "I have a teacher. She is teaching me English. Now I can talk to people, answer the phone, work at a job, help my children with homework and I know how to spell some words!"

Robert couldn't read one question on a test he had to pass or he was out of the union, out of a job and out of luck. After 11 months of hard work, he scored 97 on the test and increased his pay from $9.25 to $20.50 an hour. He kept his job.

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